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ARCON, ATLAS, CAFTA, CONTAIN, CONTEMPT, EPANET, EPRI NAVIGATOR, GOTHIC, HEATING, M3CPT, MAAP, MELCOR, ORACLE, PCTRAN, RELAP5, RETRAN, RISKMAN, PCTRAX, PEPSE, PIPE-FLO, RADTRAD, RELAP5, RETRAN, RISKMAN, SAPHIRE, SHEX, TRAC, VISUAL BASIC, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis, Design Basis, licensing & Saftey Analysis, Systems Engineering, Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA, QRA), Reliability, Availability & PRA, Operations Support, Fire Protection Engineering, Nuclear Fuel Analysis, Instrumentation & Control, Thermodynamic Efficiency Modeling, Severe Accident & Radiological Analysis, Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow"> Panlyon Technologies was formed in May 2000. Our group has performed engineering services in conjunction with nuclear, PRA, mechanical, structural, electrical, I&C and licensing disiplines. The implementation of these services required successful interaction with a broad range of plant personnel and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We have also provided numerous training programs to reactor operators, Shift Technical Advisors and engineering support personnel. Our core capabilities and experience working with personnel at all organizational levels allow us to successfully handle a wide range of projects.
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